Plein Air Painting Workshop Series (1 of 2)

Painting the marshes in SC
Painting the marshes in SC

Plein Air Painting Workshop Series (1 of 2)


Plein Air Painting Workshop Series (1 of 2)

Please come to our studio in Marshall where we will meet each day before going out to paint outdoors.


Marshall High Studio #202 / Marshall, NC
115 Blannahasset Island (Old High School) #202
Marshall, North Carolina 28753


9 a.m.- 12 p.m. ~break~ 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.


Join us, Michele Mitchell and Jim Ostlund as we take students thru a step-by-step process of creating a painting, en plein air, that may be continued with in our second workshop that will concentrate on transposing the smaller piece to a larger canvas, as we glean from the "oil sketch" the most important visual information to select for the larger composition to be successful.


Working directly from Nature is an extraordinary experience but requires an openness, a bit of patience, and some fundamental principles that we will discuss throughout the workshop.  We will help you to look for and to paint balanced shape arrangements. The important use of line in the composition will also help you see and achieve a profound sense of atmosphere.

Each of you, individually, will be taught the use of color and the keying of values, while drawing the shapes with color value seeking out the largest masses and whittling down to the smaller shapes without disregarding the atmospheric relationships.


Teaching is tailored to each student and we invite beginners to advanced levels, as all levels are welcome.


Please come with a cup full of humility towards nature and an open mind and heart for new information to settle in and facilitate discovery.


During our first morning we will demonstrate the painting process from Nature. The afternoons will include everyone joining in and painting selected areas of Nature. The hours will be from 9am - 12pm~lunchbreak~ and then 1pm - 4.

Friday evening anticipate joining us for the twilight Cocktail Hour at our studio from 5pm to 7pm.

Saturday will consist of everyone painting from Nature in both the morning as well as the afternoon with critiques from Jim and I throughout. Expect to paint 2 paintings a day, as the light will change throughout the painting sessions. The hours will be from 9am - 12pm~ lunchbreak~ and then from 1pm - 4.

Sunday morning, and afternoon painting all will be starting another two paintings, one in the morning and the other to be started during the afternoon light. 

Following the painting sessions, on Sunday late afternoon, Jim and I invite you to our studio for a final group critique (9am - 12pm - lunch break 1pm - 5pm)

If you would like to “push” one of the paintings further, please feel free to continue on one you have already started if the light is consistent with how the other panel was painted, to reach a more advanced level of both seeing and capability in “finishing” your oil painting.

Panels should be primed using Raw Umber (think Mocha), prior to your field studies.

I will look forward to your coming and joining us for 3 days full of discovery and enjoying Nature's profound beauty as we endeavor to transpose it upon our canvases. And we also hope you will be able to choose extending your stay with us for our 6 day workshop which will be a continuation, to explore making your smaller oil sketch into a larger painting,  Very exciting!  We'll hope to see you in April for this workshop.





You may register on line here or if you would prefer you may go to the site and select "Classes and Workshops" to print out the Registration Form and Material list. 

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