Plein-Air Painting Workshop


Plein-Air Painting Workshop


7/26/2018 - 7/28/2018 

Marshall High Studio #202 / Marshall, NC
115 Blannahasset Island (Old High School) #202
Marshall, North Carolina 28753
Marshall NC
United States

Please join Jim Ostlund, (a very accomplished painter: and I, as we take students through a step-by-step process of creating a painting, en plein air.

 Working directly from nature can be an inspiring experience but requires patience, and the knowledge of some basic principles~ that we will discuss throughout the workshop.  We will help you to look for balanced shape arrangements, composing with line, as well as help you see and achieve a sense of atmosphere in your painting.

Individually, we will address your use of color when keying (light and dark values of color) or assessing light and dark values, to achieve the overall tonal composition.

Jim’s and my teaching is always tailored to your specific needs. Beginners and advanced levels are welcome.

Please come with an openness and a readiness to capture nature through color, line and atmosphere on canvas. Learn about seeing and painting en plein air as you record the beauty you're witnessing.

Friday morning's workshop will consist of a demonstration in approaching a landscape directly from nature.  Friday afternoon's painting session will consist of everyone setting up and painting selected areas.. (9am - 4pm)
Both Saturday morning and afternoon sessions will comprise of painting from the outdoor landscape, while being individually critiqued, (9am - 4pm)
Sunday morning, and afternoon's workshop will also consist of painting en plein air, and finishing with a group critique (9am - 5pm)

Plan on making two paintings a day. Panels should be primed using Raw Umber (think Mocha) base~ Please don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any questions..

You may register here on-line.

Note:  Cerulean Blue paint as noted on Material List is optional 

Material List: 

Mitchell/ Ostlund Fine Art Landscape

Painting Supply List

Oil Paints Whites: Titanium or Cremnitz (Lead White)

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

French Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue

Ivory Black

Raw Umber

(Purchase Windsor and Newton or equivalent quality brand paints)

Do not purchase Winton or Student Grade Paints as they have a poor tinting strength.

Painting Mediums/Solvents

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Turpenoid or Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine


Long Bristle, Flats or Filberts (2 of each) #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12


Robert Simmons– Signet

Raphael – Series #359


Original Julian French Easel or a sturdy Field Painting Box

Panels/ Canvas Sizes: 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16, 16x20 (your choice)

Panels should be toned with a light or a middle tone of Raw Umber

Canvas Recommendation: Claessen Double Primed Belgian Linen, type 13 or 15

Miscellaneous: Palette Brushwasher Palette Cup(s) Brushes


Palette Knife Trash Bag (small)

Small Hand Mirror Backpack



Paper Towels (Viva) Sunblock

Bug Repellant

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